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Herrin Pediatric Clinic

     Herrin Pediatric Clinic is excited to be in their new office at 601 River Pointe Drive, Suite # 120 after being in our Rivershire office for 20 years. We are doubly proud to now have our new Herrin Pediatric Clinic Website for all our patients and friends to visit @ www.herrinpediatricclinic.com.  It has downloadable forms and Well baby questionnaires which you may copy on your home computer and fill out before your office visit, when there are fewer distractions. Then bring them with you to be reviewed by our medical staff to streamline your visit. Also, we have a huge Helpful links section to give you the most up-to-date Pediatric Information to enhance your parenting skills and assist you with the most frequently asked questions about your child’s health. Our Recommended Book List is also a treasure list of books every family should have available when those “different” life situations arise with your child(ren). Finally, our Herrin Pediatric News, Clinic Calendar, and Photo Gallery will enhance your visit to our Website even more with the latest news, events, and recent memorable visits of our patients displayed at our home page. This helpful Website is our way of saying Thank you to all our patients and their families for your continued support of our Clinic. We hope it will serve you well over the years to come.