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General Pediatric Health Information
Kids Health (part of the Nemours Foundation) www.kidshealth.org
This website developed and created by a board of medical advisors contains articles, videos, animations, games, and health resources for parents, teens and children. It offers current evidence based information on health, behaviors and development from birth through the teenage years. Teens and children have their own link to useful health information in a friendly and age appropriate format.
English and Spanish

Healthy Children (produced by American Academy of Pediatrics) www.healthychildren.org

This website answers questions to various health issues and provides information about growth and development, healthy living, safety and injury prevention and family life, health issues, news and tips and tools. One can search health conditions by topic or use the pediatric symptom checker to guide parents. A link to various resource books for purchase on this site as well.


Kids Growth www.kidsgrowth.com

This website designed for parents, addresses concerns and interests of today’s parents. It contains parent resources about parenting, growth and developmental milestones, behavior and medical conditions. Parents can blog with other parents about issues. There is information about product recalls, parenting tips, and poison control.

Also link to Teen Growth www.teengrowth.com a site specifically tailored toward the health interests and well being of teenagers. Search for, request and receive information on topics such as alcohol, drugs, emotions, health, sexuality, friends, school, sex and sports. Crisis telephone numbers are also provided.


Your Child’s Health (produced by Children’s Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio)www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/info

A website providing information to parents about many types of medical conditions diagnosed in children. The information is more technical and contains medical terms often encountered in the hospital. General information about more common childhood health topics is also found.

English and Spanish

Pediatric Advisor( developed by Relay Health and edited by Barton Schmitt, M.D.) Pediatric Advisor

This website contains excellent information on over 900 topics including newborn care, childhood illnesses, childhood growth and development, behavioral problems and adolescent issues. It offers information such as ”What can I expect …” , “How do I help my child with …?. and many great illustrations to help understand common medical problems. Also included are tips for parents, practical instructions, and lists of resources/ books for adults and children to better clarify childhood issues.

Password Protected, use your Child’s Providers Lastname as Username and Password to access information.

Vaccination Information
National Network for Immunization Information: www.immunizationinfo.org

        A website resource that provides up to date, science based information about vaccines, their benefits and possible side effects.  It also provides information about the diseases vaccines protect against.  

        English and Spanish

National Immunization Program (produced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention): www.cdc.gov/vaccines

        A website resource that provides comprehensive and up to date information about vaccines, their safety, and immunization schedules.  This comprehensive sight provides links to current research and statistics, press releases, and outbreaks related to vaccine preventable diseases.   A link to many frequently asked questions about vaccine preventable diseases is also provided.

        English and Spanish

Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: www.vaccine.chop.edu

        Comprehensive and up to date information for parents and health care professionals about vaccines and the diseases they prevent.  This site contains information about how vaccines work, who recommends them and their safety.  This site also offers downloadable printable vaccine resources and videos. 

        English and Spanish

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Choose My Plate (previously My Pyramid is produced by the US Department of Agriculture): www.choosemyplate.gov

        This online resource for all ages gives basic messages about healthy eating and physical activity following the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  It contains helpful information for parents to help your children eat healthy and enjoy being active.  Many free downloadable activities for children and adults are available .

        English and Spanish

Healthy Weight (produced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention): www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/children/index.html

        A website that addresses the issue of childhood obesity: why it is a problem and what parents can do to help prevent it.  It offers dietary and physical activity tips for parents to help children maintain a healthy weight.  Other links are included to websites